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I'm Meg Stephens


"RRT with Meg was a highly effective way to deeply heal attachment wounds, anxiety that I had never been able to heal in other therapy modalities. As a result of this work, I have been able to make lasting changes in my life, including establishing healthier relationships both with myself and with others. Overall, RRT has proven an incredibly effective way for me to heal deep attachment wounds that would have otherwise been impossible for me to heal using other methods."

What I Offer

Having trouble picking one? I'm here to help, schedule a consultation and let's figure it out together.

Rapid Resolution Therapy®

Session length: 90 minutes Price per session: $225 Who would most likely benefit? I find RRT to most specifically benefit those that feel they have a good idea of what they would like to do with their time, yet feel that some way of thinking, feeling, or acting seems to be causing some stuckness. This can be great for those that have tried traditional therapy or other healing modalities and maybe have a good “understanding” of what has been going on, but just haven’t yet had that deeper shift they are looking for. Stucknesses may include things such as trauma, fear, anger, shame, guilt, limiting beliefs, negative self perception, etc. ​ What does it entail?  · Facilitating Dr. Jon Connelly’s trademarked approach to clearing stuckness and increasing clarity, joy, and creativity.  · Sharing a unique philosophical perspective of how your mind is constructed and how that applies to the turmoil experienced.  · Specific language patterns, stories, and metaphors intended to engage the subconscious in a way that causes shifts naturally and immediately.   How many sessions can I expect? 1-3 typically (spaced about a week apart)

Individual Counseling*

Session length: 60 minutes  Price per session: $150 Who would most likely benefit? This option might be most valuable to people who are experiencing ongoing, real-time challenges and would appreciate someone who’s clear and objective to help them evaluate their options and effectively problem solve. This may also look like building skills for being in satisfying relationships, finding support for parenting, or a child/teenager figuring out how to do life a little easier. ​ What does it entail? · Problem solving; guidance with assessing and evaluating current opportunities and creating concrete plans of action · Support and constructive feedback as you put those plans into action; adjustments to the plan as needed · Skill building; learn how to engage in relationships or how to create systems that accomplish your goals and work toward your intentions (setting boundaries, emotion regulation, behavior management, etc)   How many sessions can I expect?​ 6-12 sessions typically, but this is truly unique for each individual. Expect sessions to be spaced about 1 to 2 weeks apart. * If you reside outside of Florida, then this would be considered life coaching, as the LMHC credential only covers counseling within the state. Life coaching does not include services such as providing a mental health diagnosis and treatment plan, and is not an ethical approach for more severe issues such as suicidal ideation, self harm, or other safety related concerns.


Session length: 60 minutes​ Price per session: $150 Who would most likely benefit? ​Art therapy can truly be for anyone and everyone. It is a great fit for kids, but is not limited to children and teens. It can be incorporated into life coaching and counseling as the opportunity arises, but I personally believe that the people who most benefit from my style of art therapy would relate to the following: · Wanting to creatively explore a new idea or intention in their life · Wanting to use or learn how to use creative materials and processes to cope with life’s challenges · Interested in supplementing other mental health/self improvement efforts   What does it entail? · Setting intention for session(s) · Exploring material familiarity and interest · Engaging in creative processes, and use the process and product to develop meaning, insight, and satisfaction · Possibly learning new artistic skills along the way   How many sessions can I expect? As many as you want! Expression and creative exploration is always valuable!

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