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Headshot of Meg Stephens

My job is to meet with people and help them figure out how to make their life more exciting, interesting, and happy. I really like making art, playing sports, and reading while snuggling with my two super cute cats. I really enjoy getting to meet with kids and teens because of how creative, funny, and open-minded they tend to be. My bubbly personality and willingness to be silly seems to be a good fit for younger kids and my witty, sarcastic sense of humor is often what has teens willing to talk. In my experience, both of my specialties (RRT and Art Therapy) have been a good fit for working with younger people, as well as their parents. 

Hi! I'm Meg Stephens

What I Offer

Having trouble picking one? I'm here to help, schedule a consultation and let's figure it out together.

Rapid Resolution Therapy®

Typical session length: 90 minutes Price per (90 min.) session: $225 What is it? Rapid Resolution Therapy uses stories, imagination, and humor to help someone understand themself, other people, and the world in a way that makes sense and takes away feelings like fear, anger, and guilt. We look together on how your subconscious mind might be reading information a little funky because of “glitches in the system” and through laughter and conversation we get rid of those glitches so you’re feeling happier, more creative, and overall more peaceful. It works best when there is a specific feeling, thought, or behavior that has had you feeling “stuck.” How long does it take? Usually people only have between 1-3 sessions of RRT before they feel that they are ready to take on the world without it. This can also be used in combination with ongoing outpatient counseling/therapy/life coaching. How long is each session? Typically I do 90-minute RRT sessions, however after a consultation I might suggest reducing the time (and thus the cost) to 60 minutes depending on the age and attention span of the child I’m meeting with. There is also the option to use the first 60 minutes for me to meet with the child, and the last 30 minutes to update the parent(s) on how it went and answer any questions they might have on how to support the work that was done.

Individual Counseling*

Typical session length: 60 minutes Price per (60 min.) session: $150 What is it? My take on counseling is that you get me as a problem-solving buddy to come alongside you for a journey. Maybe something really big has changed recently, maybe it’s hard to figure out how to talk with your parents about the stuff that’s been going on and you’d like someone to be a translator or a referee for those conversations. In the counseling process I teach new skills and hold you accountable through check-ins, updating the plan for change as it’s needed. How long does it take? This is different for each situation, but typically you can plan on the counseling process being anywhere from 12-20 weeks depending on the needs of the child and/or family that I’m meeting with. We (myself, the child/teen, and parent(s)) would discuss goals near the beginning of the process and have an idea of how long you’d like the journey with me to be. An example of how these sessions break down might be: 1 session per week for 6-8 weeks, 1 session per 2 weeks for 6-8 weeks, and then any check-in/follow up sessions as needed once original goals have been met. How long is each session? 60 minutes is typical, though I may suggest or offer a few 90-minute sessions (with a cost adjustment) if we plan to use that time to have conversations between child and parent(s) that may benefit from a little more time. * If you reside outside of Florida, then this would be considered life coaching, as the LMHC credential only covers counseling within the state. Life coaching does not include services such as providing a mental health diagnosis and treatment plan, and is not an ethical approach for more severe issues such as suicidal ideation, self harm, or other safety related concerns.


Typical session length: 60 minutes​ Price per (60 min.) session: $150 What is it? Art therapy is a really cool way to go about the healing or expressive process if you find that putting things into words has just been really hard. There are still conversations, and skills to be learned, but this might be a good route for kids or teens that are particularly creative, would prefer to express themselves through art more than they prefer talking. This can also be a great thing to go side-by-side with other mental health supports; if you’ve already got a therapist or life coach you enjoy working with I can be in contact with them and use creative materials and processes to support the work they are already doing with a family or child. How long does it take? This is totally up to you! You could decide to just have one session and see what it’s like, or it could be structured more like my life coaching services where there are specific goals that we are looking to meet over the course of several weeks. How long is each session? Usually 60 minutes, though this can be flexible given the interests and needs of the child/teen I’m meeting with.


Are you a teen interested in finding better ways to express yourself and maybe make some friends along the way? How about a parent seeking support and solutions for dealing with the stressors of life? Bear Light will be offering group therapy in the near future; if you want to know more, please reach out and let me know the times and days that you would be available to join.

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