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Headshot of Meg Stephens

Meg Stephens ATR-P, LMHC

Certified Rapid Resolution Therapy® Specialist

Hi! I would introduce myself as a creative spirit who enjoys interacting with people in fun and valuable ways. While my professional journey as a healer began while studying to become an art therapist at Florida State University, my first love has always been art and I continue to make beautiful things as often as possible. Through several interesting experiences I found Rapid Resolution Therapy® and never looked back. I know that it is possible to live clear of disturbing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and I’m on a mission to guide people toward more love and laughter.

As an art therapist I have used a variety of materials with clients to bring their experiences and perspectives to life in a safe and satisfying way. Now I enjoy quickly and powerfully transforming lives by painting pictures with words through the RRT perspective. 

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